Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ceefax on a Mac, Chavs on the loose and fishing.

I went shopping with my sister and Mum yesterday afternoon; we decided to head for the Crayford retail park. Sat at in my sister's car at the traffic lights in Crayford High Street we watched as a gang of between ten and fifteen feral Chavs ran riot, attacking a double decker bus and generally causing fear and chaos in a quiet shopping area as they charged along the high street, pushing passers by out of their way and generally being threatening; a Remington 12 gauge pump gun would have been very welcome. If you happen to be aquainted with a Chav, you can download and print out a certificate of Chavness from here.

Check out the photo of my old Apple iMac above; if you want to know how I managed to hack it to receive Ceefax pages, drop me a line and maybe I will let you know. Look Around You for the answer.

Simon at work was asking about my amateur radio equipment, so a photo of my fairly modest gear is also enclosed above; please click on any photo for a larger image with greater detail.

I have added a few photos to my Flickr account - you can view them here.

One of the (few) compensations for living in Erith is the proximity of the River Thames - it runs past not very far from the back of my house, and I can see ships passing from my home office window. I went for a walk along the pier and jetty alongsde Morrison's this afternoon; it was very quiet, peaceful and a real departure from normal Erith life; a number of blokes sitting together fishing, talking and drinking tea from a communal Thermos flask (why is angling such a sex specific pastime?) It could have been a scene from a Hogarth painting.

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  1. Remington Vs. Chav's....Hmmm...I have to disagree with you there Mr.P.
    A 12 gauge basically turns the target to sludge and as Chav's act in gangs you really need something that can target a large group quickly, I would favour a Uzi or any other light semi-automatic (light so you can carry afew to save time reloading)that would make their flesh dance.
    Failing that a Flamethrower.

    Or a Bulldozer covered in shards of broken glass, razor wire and smeared with excrement.
    A Killdozer if you will.

    Question - Why the Sneck would you WANT Ceefax full stop?
    Or a Mac?

    Yeah i love the pier bit of Erith. I often go down there when I have the chance. I sometimes take a stroll to the end and sit under the Warning Light in the Summer and sober mean watch the boats go past.
    Gary often goes fishing offa the pier but instead of a Thermos of Tea he has 4 cans of Skol Super (9.5%)...suppose it keeps you warm...well the vomit does anyhow.