Sunday, March 11, 2007

When the sun shines in Erith.

What a nice day. The sun shone, the Chavs must have taken a holiday and Erith was almost a nice place to be. I took the photos above this morning whilst on my way round to see Ian and Julie. You can click on any photo to see a far larger version. I must admit, trying to make Erith look photogenic is difficult most of the time, as much of it is horrible. The weather and quality of sunlight today did help. This afternoon Colin popped round to do some more work on his wife's old Land Rover that is parked at the bottom of my garden. It will be going later this week; I will be quite sorry to see it go to be honest; it has been part of the landscape for the last couple of years.

I have been listening to North Kent pirate radio station WNKR as well today; a great bunch of blokes who put together some really different and interesting programming on 1476 KHz medium wave. They broadcast every Sunday with a huge signal that has even been picked up in Sweden! I have a real interest in medium and shortwave pirate radio stations; I am sure I could bore you for England if you asked me about the topic.

This weeks' videos are a bit of fun; though Shirley will probably think it is a version of me, way back in the 14th Century in the first clip of the two. The second video was shot in The Brook Hospital on Shooter's Hill before it was converted into very expensive Yuppie apartments. Nicked from Ian's MySpace Blog without shame, here is Kate Bush and Experiment Four.

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  1. It's funny how the sun can improve most things, I mean look at Spain for instance. Without the sun it would just be like France without the Galic "charm"...mind you Erith could be likened to "somewhere-nice-in-Cormwall" only without the sun.
    And more Chav's on Stella.
    And dog mess.
    And pasty faced teenage single Mum's smoking.
    And BMW's (Erith seems to be swamped withe Beemers at the moment, weird).

    Cor if the Landies going wot are the local skumbag kids going to climb all over now? Your a very inconsiderate neighbour!

    Talking about WNKR as you confirmed at my house I couldn't get it and I'm what about 20 min's walk from you? Mind you I very rarely listen to MW now I'm a dapper DAB man. BBC7 & Planet Rock mainly.
    Anyway I'm just using bog standard equipment (micro-system in the kitchen, two portables in the bedroom...ooer!)& it was just muffled static.