Sunday, March 04, 2007


I have a theory about Chavs, social inadequates and other associated oiks. Whenever I see them, be it on public transport or just in the street, without fail they have a can of Stella Artois in their hands. For a brand of lager that is marketed as an aspirational, up market product, this surely is a failure. Let's face it, the scumbags swig it by the gallon as it is relatively cheap, does not taste of very much and gets them off their collective spotty faces quite quickly. It is brewed in huge industrial refineries and shipped out to be consumed by the shallow end of the gene pool. It amazes me that some of the large supermarket chains are selling lager at almost the same price as bottles of mineral water. It is the drink of choice for many of those who hang out in the former Lloyd's Bar One in Bexleyheath, which has now been re-named after many complaints from the Police that it should in fact be closed for good. The name has now been changed to "The Furze Wren", and owners' Witherspoons are trying to appeal to an older, less violent market and get away from the spikey gel haired, Nike wearing, slack jawed filth that currently infest the place. I posted a whinge about the place, along with its' neighbour, the RSVP bar before Christmas - you can re-read my account here.

I have added a few new photos to my Flickr account and you can view them here.

The government are once again infringing on our civil liberties, on top of the draconian moves to force us to have biometric ID cards and passports, they also want to have a compulsory finger print database of every subject from the age of eleven (we are not citizens as we are not inhabitants of a republic) - details from the Sunday Times. I don't have a passport, I cannot be tracked as I don't own a mobile telephone (the cigarettes of the 21st Century), and I will do whatever I can to resist this creeping totalitarian spying state we are sleep walking into.

This weeks' video has been knocking around the interweb for a couple of years, but it does stand up to repeated viewing. Some American Marines in Iraq with an old washing machine, a hand grenade, and a little too much time on their hands.

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  1. Hmmm...I dunno if I agree with your comments about Stella or "Wife-Beater" as it's more commonly known.
    Personally taste wise for a pub lager i think it's ok (although I prefer Red Label) it's defiantly better than say Fosters or the usual "beer" you get in generic pubs, to be honest if pushed that's what I'd have. I think the main problem is everywhere from Offies' to Supermarkets seems to offer "6 cans for £5" or summat similar also as it's somehow seen as an "inspirational" icon, maybe cos it's a nice "shiny" item or seen as badge of good taste for Chav's. Many times I've been in divey pub and it seems the "well off" lowlifes drink Stella and everyone else drinks Fosters or whatever. I think it's nickname comes from the fact it's slightly stronger than the average brands and the tendency of the usual morons who drink it's tendency to to express themselves with their fists.
    Without going into any details your Blog echoes a long conversation I had Saturday night with someone who told me about her experiences of being on the end of domestic abuse.
    One of the most upseting conversations I've been in for along time and I hardly really know the person involved. This girl is bearly out of her teens, attractive, lively and to hear her tell me of the stuff that she had been subjected to made my blood boil. It's diffent to know domestic abuse goes on and maybe read it in the papers but to sit and talk to someone about it at length is...sobering.

    Anyway on a scientific note #Ahem# where I was on Saturday caters to the lowest common denominators and I was stuck drinking Koroneburg 1664 and Magners "cider", JEEEESUS I had the hangover from HELL yesterday. I eneded up putting ice in the Magners not cos it's "the done thing" but because it wasn't chilled and it watered the taste down!
    Can i suggest that we at some point we take a trip to the re-opened re-named "Furzel Wurse" (or whatever it's called) in true Pubspy spirit?

    I'm with you 100% on the Govenments "need" for Biometric info.
    Why don't they just say "Look, we want to catch all the criminals and make sure we have complete control over you so give us your detai...WHOOPS! We mean OR THE PEDOPHILES WILL ESCAPE!!!" or some such bololx. There is a "fairy" shop in Bluewater (well a New Age-y sorta shop, sells sword sto people who think Lord Of the Rings is real) that has for years asked to take your fingerprint when you use a card (theres also one in Gravesend), I refuse when i've bought stuff and the S**T they give you: "oh it's to help reduce fraud", "It's added safty & security" etc etc I'm happy with the fact A) I have the card in my posetion and B) I know the PIN.
    It's a worrying step.