Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Captain Tweed 1: Chavs 0

A swift midweek update on my last Blog posting; things have been happening very quickly. My Emails to the Police, Bexley Council and News Shopper have brought unexpectedly full and swift action. You may recognise above the graffiti scrawling culprit from the YouTube video I recently posted. Well, the nice people at the News Shopper have screen captured the video and have now posted a nice clear copy, along with a request for information onto their widely read website here. They have informed the Police who are also currently investigating matters. I am waiting to hear if the article will make the print edition of their publication, but one way or another the feckless scrote should find life becoming somewhat more miserable very soon. I cannot wait! Captain Tweed (tm) gains a small victory.

Secondly the web master of the News Shopper online has dropped me a very friendly note, and has made me an extremely interesting offer. I cannot go into details now, but it could be that my forays into online journalism may be about to step up a gear. More soon.


  1. Who's got a job writing for the News Shopper then ?.....Nice one son.

    Da WNKR Cru....innit

  2. 'Raaaaay!
    Think of it...
    Maggot Sandwich wrapped in paper weekly through the letterboxes of Bexley!
    Think your abit mad to be so open that it's you who found the clip and shopped him but thats what we have to do. I think its so ingraned in us socially not to stand up that to go against it feels...strange.
    I hope they find the little scrot!
    maybe get him to do some community service say taking the rust off a big ex-North Sea fishing trawler...