Monday, November 26, 2007

Only in Erith.

Only in Erith. I took the photos above on Sunday morning a little way down my road, just past the local corner shop. Click on either image for a larger view. The notice in the car window says it all really. A suitably threatening warning from a local resident, one presumes - only something you would find in my neck of the woods. I only worry as to how many of the deserving recipients will have the ability to read it?

I made an earlier unannounced posting last week; if you scroll down past this article, you can read it below.

An astonishingly stupid, slack jawed Chav who I have personally witnessed writing graffiti in the Tunnel Of Doom(tm) has excelled his scrawny self this time; he has allowed a member of his "cru" to film him in the criminal act - and then posted the results on YouTube! You can see the actual footage taken in the Erith foot tunnel below. I am forwarding this to both Bexleyheath Police, The News Shopper "Shop a Yob" campaign, and the Bexley Council Graffiti team for action. Hopefully they will send a Terminator after this festering scrote. See what you think and please leave any comments by clicking on the link at the foot of this posting. Your thoughts and feedback are appreciated.

And here is a clip from Prog Rock god Rick Wakeman; a little discursion from the serious issues outlined above. See what you think and let me know. You can hear Rick every Saturday morning, presenting a show on DAB radio station Planet Rock.


  1. HAHA, loved the car note.
    Eriff mate.

  2. HAHA! The car note's brilliant!
    I missed that last time I staggered home that way.
    "..dealt with swiftly and quietly" - Nice to see it's spelt right to, something amazing for the area!
    Mind you my spelling isn't exactly brilliant...