Friday, November 23, 2007

A head full of socks.

I have had the mother of all colds this week; I have been off work and scarcely able to get out of bed for the last four days. I know that there is a lot of it about, but I have been astonished at how truly horrible I have been feeling. It is not Flu, but it is at the very heaviest end of a straightforward cold. Since Sunday I have spent and average of 15 - 17 hours per day wrapped up in bed with the radio for company. Not pleasant at all. I have been spending a lot of time in that hazy world between awareness and a fully dream state. My slightly befuddled condition has left me in a state of mind that I refer to as a "head full of socks". You know when you do the washing and after emptying the machine and hanging up your clothes, you often get left with a pile of mismatched and half remembered socks. If you are anything like me, you tend to put off sorting this kind of thing out and coming back to it some time later - this is what my mind has felt like for much of this week.

You may wish to tune in to local free radio station WNKR this Sunday; they are resuming broadcasts on 1476KHz medium wave and they are always an entertaining and informative listen.

Ian forwarded me the video clip below; it pretty much sums up what Bexleyheath is like. See what you think and maybe post a comment?


  1. Thanks for the plug.

    Maybe we should make the song "Bexleyheath is full of Scum" our powerplay for this weekends broadcast

    Da WNKR Cru....innit !

  2. Bexleyheath wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for all of the kids with nothing to do except linger and bowl. Perhaps England should welcome other professional sports like baseball, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, etc. I don't know, something for them to aspire to. All you got is football. Ooh and darts, maybe bingo? Sure other countries have their share of mallrats but they're mostly interested in the opposite sex. These so called gangs in Bexleyheath are just a bunch of kids that know each other, haven't any money, no role model, parents who give 2 shits, and feel like the law is a joke. I mean, honestly, how hard is it to hide from a camera, cctv. That's what hoodies are for!
    3 solutions:
    1) More police on the beat. Police that work, not warn. Fine the kids, parents start taking notice.
    2) Embrace professional sports not sport and get the kids some real role models if their parents can't do it.
    3) Sort your fucking kids out. Seriously, who is the boss? 18? kick em out and see how fast they comply.

  3. Head full of socks, wooly and's almost poetry...

    It love it if WKNR used that as a theme tune or even had you BACK ON THE AIR!

    Stewdog you could step into Pewty's shoes (YUK!) next time he's off although I think the last bit needs to be amended to;

    1) Embrace police fucking. Police that sport, not warn. parents start taking notice who is the boss?
    2) More professional sports not work and Fine the kids, kick em out and see how fast they comply.
    3) Sort your kids out on the beat. Seriously, get the kids some real 18? role models if their parents can't do it.