Sunday, January 06, 2008

And another one...

I had planned on a fairly low key and jokey blog entry this week, but local events appear to have overtaken me. Another murder has happened in Erith - probably over a drug deal gone wrong, though the facts are not yet clear. BBC News, Sky News and the News Shopper have all carried the story. Click on any link for more details on the crime. I note that at the time of writing the talkback feature on the News Shopper website have comments ostensibly from the friends of the murdered person - by the time you have read this they may well have been moderated down though. It definitely feels like the area has hit new lows. BBC News quoted " On Saturday local councillor David Hurt, from Bexley Council, said the estate had a reputation for crime that was unjustified." What total rubbish - the Larner Road estate is well known as a hive of scum and villainy. It is sink hole for the local low lives, drug dealers and worst of the areas' pond scum - cluster bombing it is the only viable solution. Your thoughts are welcome - please click on the comments link below.

On a lighter and more positive note, the old mini cab office in Erith town centre has now been taken over by the Model Train Shop - you can view their website here.

Local free radio station WNKR are currently broadcasting an excellent range of shows on 1476 KHz medium wave - check out their website here.

Some more local feckless scrotes have posted evidence on their illegal activities on YouTube. The video clip below shows some local low lives throwing a shopping trolley into the Thames from the pier behind Morrison's in Erith. You would have thought that they would have learned something after the adverse publicity relating to the chav in the Tunnel of Doom (tm), but no.

I have uploaded some new photos to my Flickr account - you can see them here.


  1. Sometimes the Blog almost writes itself it seems doesn't it?
    I heard about this Saturday afternoon, from what I've heard it was a Somalian kid who was killed while trying to rob a drug dealer (reported events may have overtaken me but that’s what #ahem# the word on the street was at 5pm in Erith's pubs…well the one pub I popped in for 10 min's as I walked past and saw someone I haven't seen for ages). The 10th-15th floor of Verona House is well known for dealing. I went to see a mate there afew years ago and just after I got outta my car I heard a sound then 2 seconds later SMASH! A portable TV had been thrown out of a window. Missed me by a mile but not very amusing.
    Mind you the area has been improved a lot and the flats themselves are quite nice inside but you still can't polish a turd.
    It's still a turd.
    The place is a dump and it's rep' is deserved BUT at the same time I hesitate to tar EVERYONE there with the same brush. Saying that Larner Road/Waterhead Close is (pardon the bad taste pun) just a stones throw away from Erith Sports Centre where that bloke was stoned to death by that "gang" of scum while he was playing cricket…hmmm….

    Nice pictures.
    Did you take the top one? If so where was it taken? Also where did you get those 'Who models? They look GREAT! ;-) LOL!

    Sadly I can't pick up WKNR at home (or in the Rev-mobile) but the stations I listen to mostly is Planet Rock (BRILLAINT but I am getting abit bored with it just cos I've been listening to it for so long/often), Radio 4, BBC7, The Arrow and…#ahem# at work Smooth Radio. Well we did until the untimely death of Kevin Greening last week (a 44th birthday party, gay kinky sex with a "50 year old Civil Servant", Class A drugs and "undisclosed pills", what could possibly go wrong???!). His show was the best thing on the station and listened to him for years on the likes of Xfm, Virgin and even Radio1 but since his passing we've flipped the dial and now jump between Xfm (bit too studenty again at the moment it varies), Heart Fm (SHIT! SHIT! Middle of the road, middle-aged SHIT!) or Magic (or "Chapel of Rest FM - music to soooo dull it'll soooooth you to eternal slumber!" as I call it).

    Talking about the Cab Office in Erith dunno if you read ages ago but the company had a great idea of turning what's now the model railway shop into a "panic room" (a empty room with a link to their offices and a door that can lock) but the council said no as it was too dangerous. Shame, it seemed like a public spirited thing to do to me…not that I think Erith is that bad. It has it's moments, Damien had someone try and mug him afew weeks ago, he was very drunk so just lost his temper and chased him off threatening to throw his would be assailant off the pedestrian bridge at Belvedere Station they were standing on. The kid scampered off. I've never really had any trouble (and I'm often wandering about late at night on the weekend) but then as I always say it's a random thing, you get it anywhere. Hell I was once set on by a woman completely out of the blue for happening to wear a loud shirt in a very boring middle-aged pub in Belvedere Village. She tried to hit me with a bottle and I had to hold her off while me and my mate made our way off, now that was scary but in 19 years of drink round the Village that’s the biggest problem I've ever had.
    Oh except that time someone threw a bin through The Fox window…glass everywhere.

  2. Hello, first time I've read your blog postings, very interesting!
    I found your blog when I looked up Erith and news. As your talking about the murder in Erith I thought you might find this worthwile; Alizada who was also known as Fighterrr was a member of the IVS gang.
    Thats from the Newsshoper websight.
    Says it all doesn't it.

  3. Da WNKR cru used that estate back in the 90's for broadcasts on FM, wouldn't want to go there now at midnight to put a rig on air.
    At least the scum are killing each other !

    As for the Rev not being able to hear our transmissions on 1476, he must live outside of Europe. Our signal has been heard across the UK and also Germany, Holland, Norway and Sweden. I think he should get him self a new tranny (eh, that's a radio, not a she-male) :>)

    One of those nice 'WNKR' geezer's.

  4. Wassup WNKR cru?
    I's only got ya bog-standard Panni-SONIC DAB system in the crib (well the kitchen) and a Roberts DAB Radio and "Phony" boom-box in my pad (er...the bedroom).
    I can't get yous at all dwnstairs and wac upstairs (all fuzzy). Must admit it's been ages since i tried picking yous up in da car but when i did try, nudding.
    Da Pewty-man can be my bro and backs me, 'e tried to tune all me radios into yous on a Saturday once wivout me knowing and 'es couldn't do it.
    I's in Eriff not far from Pew-T.

  5. Hi Hugh,
    Have you noticed how if anything bad happens in Erith the media say it is in SE London, and if it's a piece of good news then it suddenly moves to Kent!
    The noodle Bar in Plumstead High Street is really inexpensive. Main courses are £3.40-4.00. I Went there with Marcus and my Dad we had two courses, a drink to start with and wine with the meal, and coffee afterwards and the bill for all 3 was under £40!
    We must meet up soon for a drink!! of 2.
    Hope to hear from you soon,

  6. Oh forgot to say, the music on the video was a couple of old Joy Division tracks from about 1980