Sunday, March 16, 2008

Erith in the wet and wind.

Some more photos of Erith; nothing much changes in reference to my posting of last week. Click on any one for a much larger view (they have not been resized using Flickr, so be prepared for a HUGE photograph!) Wise Furnishings has re - opened, but I suspect they are just trying to shift their existing stock before closing down for good - photo of the store is above.

I was in Morrison's on Saturday afternoon; I had been out taking a few photographs with my new Nikon D300 Camera and I had it hanging on my shoulder from the strap whilst I queued to pay for my purchases. I suddenly felt someone lift it away from me - I turned suddenly and a small, weasel faced, ginger haired Chav was standing there; He said "Cor. Isn't that camera heavy?" - I grabbed his collar and hissed "If you touch that camera again, you will be taking your next meal through a drip!" I think the threat was lost on him, but bearing in mind the camera has a solid, cast magnesium alloy chassis, I could have used it to beat him to a fine pulp with no ill effects to my photography. Scum.

I have found a truly fascinating Blog which really puts my feeble offerings to shame - you can read The Paramedics' Blog here.

Something that you may, or may not find amusing, depending on your potential intake of recreational pharmaceuticals can be viewed here.

The Chav battery burglars from a couple of weeks' back are getting loads of hits on my Flickr web photo album - do have a look of you have not already done so.

WNKR radio now have a Blog site - do check it out as their local broadcasts on 1476 medium wave are truly excellent.

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