Sunday, July 20, 2008


Many of you know that back in the mists of time (actually 1989 - 1991) I worked as a full time DJ and occasional assistant engineer on the Ross Revenge, the home of the world famous offshore broadcaster Radio Caroline. The station is still going, though it is now land based and broadcasts its' shows online and via satellite. I have not been involved with the station since the mid nineties, but in some ways Caroline is a bit like the Mafia - you never really leave. My memories of my time on board whilst the ship was still transmitting from the middle of the North Sea are good, but I have to say that it is not something I would want to repeat - it is most definitely a young person's game. I fully intend to set up a website with photos and stories of my time with Caroline just as soon as time permits. I have already purchased a domain name, so time will tell.

Although they now broadcast from land, Radio Caroline have preserved and restored their former sea based home - the Ross Revenge is now pretty much back to her former glory; she even now has her own website that can be viewed here.

The main thrust behind this weeks' posting is that I have a scoop regarding Radio Caroline that also links in with this geographical area. I have found out that The Radio Caroline organisation has requested permission to move the Ross Revenge from its' current berth in Tilbury in Essex, to Erith Pier on the River Thames, behind Morrison's supermarket, literally just around the corner from my house. The smoking gun behind this can be read on the Bexley Council planning department website here. It would appear that they want to obtain a one month RSL (Restricted Service Licence) to broadcast from sunny Erith for a month during August! I have dropped the station manager a voicemail and asked him if he needs a local fixer for the event. It will be interesting to have my former home and place of work literally at the end of my garden in the near future.

More news as I get it.

This weeks' video postings are a bit disparate - the first is a clip showing what life was like on board the Ross Revenge not long after she first went to sea as the world's biggest radio ship in 1983 - it does give a fairly accurate impression of what life was like a while before I ever got on board. The second clip shows the bass maestro Mark King spanking his plank in majestic style - I bid you - a bass guitar solo (no sniggering at the back - this is seriously good!)


  1. Should Caroline need some body with experience for a AM RSL, I'm not available! Too busy doing the real thing! ;-)


  2. Very good Hugh, I like the larger type, much easier on my eyes, at my age I am beginning to need all the help I can get, keep it up.

    Bob Funkhouser

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    I am planning to expand my site to cover the eigties and would appreciate your assistance.
    With many thanks and all best wishes, Jon Myer
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