Sunday, August 31, 2008

The sun shines on Erith.

Very briefly the sun shone on Erith late yesterday afternoon; I was out walking along the riverside, and on Erith Pier equipped with my trusty camera, and took the photos above; click on any for a larger view. You can see the others I took by going here. Erith actually looked like a nice town; usually you have to squint and use a lot of imagination (or recreational pharmaceuticals, for a goodly proportion of the local inhabitants). Erith Riverside gardens really are a credit to the local council, the only down side is the abandoned and ramshackle Erith swimming baths, which are overdue for demolition. The River Thames is a much underused resource that really adds a lot to the whole Erith experience. I know I give my local area a lot of stick online, but there are times when parts of it are a really nice place to be.

On another note, it looks like the plans for Radio Caroline to moor their ship, the M.V Ross Revenge on Erith Pier are moving one step closer. A printed notice of intent has been posted under a tourist information sign adjacent to the pier entrance. You can see a photo of it here.

One unfortunate side effect of the brief sunny period yesterday was the appearance of many locals in ridiculously inappropriate attire - or lack thereof. The sight of partially naked, scrawny, pigeon chested ratboys with their fake tanned, overweight women folk looking like Ronsealed Hippos pushing prams overloaded with Farm Foods carrier bags is truly a sight I wish I did not have to behold. I aim to bring tweed to the masses, but I fear the going is somewhat slow!

The first embedded video this week shows a Swiss nutcase who has built an "Iron Man" style jet pack suit that enables him to actually fly. He's going to be featured in a documentary on the UK's Discovery Channel shortly. Rather him than me.

WNKR are back on top form after the problems they had on their anniversary show last week; unfortunately the modulator failed on their media player attached to the transmitter, and the replacement unit failed when installed, hence the lack of audio last Sunday, which was a pity as their carrier signal was rock solid.

There are a number of blogs that I regularly read, and would recommend to you; the first is probably the most widely read and is written by the Food Pornographer - excellent stuff and some lovely food photos in each update. Another is from Plumsteadshire - you will see that I occasionally post comments here; it is good to see people taking proactive interest in their local areas. Another excellently written Blog with a high level of wry humour is the BlackLOG - incidentally written by a work colleague. He's always putting himself down, but technically his Blog is light years more advanced than mine! He also gets to go to lots more gigs than me.

With all of the current political controversy over Russia and the potential re-start of the cold war, it has given me inspiration - here is a video of Frankie Goes to Hollywood - and their track "Two Tribes" from Top of the Pops way back in 1983. It would seem that retro is now the new black. Ahem.


  1. Ah yes...
    It's the end of August so here comes the sun just as all the leaves fall off the trees.

    I know as a race the English are often commented on due the fact we always talk about the weather but that's what happens when you live on an island, you get WEATHER.
    You think of places like California or Southern Spain, adopts Weatherman's voice; "The weather tomorrow will be hot and sunny, and for Tues it'll be hot and sunny, now on Wednesday there's still a chance of it being hot and sunny, turning to Thursday it's going to be sunny and hot…" where as here the weather can change 3 times a day, you can even run all the seasons in one day sometimes but I digress…actually am I alone in thinking we never had weather like this when we were kids?

    Nice piccys Mr.P, from the penthouse workspace I'll allotted to slave over a hot LCD screen I can see the Thames and London City Airport clearly, so can often see huge cargo ships go (mainly) down the river. Quite moving in a "Cool-a lump-of-metal-larger-than-a-7-story-car-park-is-floating-past" way.
    Talking of Erith it has come up in the world abit the past few years I agree, I remember what it was like when I was a kid #shudder# I hated the feckin' place. Hell, even 10 years ago pre-Morrison's (perhaps we should "date" Erith via that standard, "PM" for Post Morrisons and "AM" for After Morriso…AH! I think those initials are already in use…Hmmm).
    Your right it can be a nice place when the sun shines.

    Did you know the Council have said their going to save the mural on the side of the bath's? I used to really dislike the whole 1960's-ness of it but am glad it's being saved as it's been part of the Town for a good 40 years so shouldn't just be chucked away even though I'm really not fond of that style of "art".

    Hope the Ross does come here, would like to get involved again if it does end up moored to the Pier. The Planning permissions date was up mid-July so HOPEFULLY things are moving on!
    Question is will we get to hear "Tony Palmer" on air again? The man's a walking leg-end, I mean LEGEND!
    Funny that we never see him and Arthur Pewty in the same room though…

    Your right about Erith scrotes uncovering the second the sun's out. As you've said before why do people insist on getting tattoo's? It's not attractive and it's not even a "badge" like it was in the past.
    And gotta say the phrase "Ronsealed Hippos pushing prams" is sheer bloody poetry! Reminds me of a joke I heard the other day:
    "What blue, white and yellow and held by a really tight arse?" (I've cleaned this up abit)
    "A Farm Stores bag"
    Well it made ME laugh!

    Missed WKNR this week completely as I was away, are they going to repeat the programmes? Talking of radio with the shake up at GMAC (?) Virgin radio now their sold off are having to re-brand themselves, no idea what they're going to be called but they do seem to be changing the station for the better also Planet Rock is moving.

    Ah Two Tribes...
    God I'm old. I can remember this coming out!
    I quite liked some of Fg2H stuff, most of it was waaay to GAY for me but Warriors Of The Wasteland was an epic track.
    Good Blog this week!

  2. You sound like a right wnkr do you think a third rate DJ from a station that noone has ever heard of is to good for erith ? you dont look like a stud yourself your fat and ugly . Does putting people down make a little nobody man like yourself fill BIG ?