Saturday, January 20, 2007

A small victory and more on Mobile Phones.

I have had a couple of interesting incidents this week. On Tuesday evening I was standing at the 99 bus stop in Erith town centre, waiting to see Mum off back to her place in Upper Belvedere. We were standing, talking when a group of three school age Chavs appeared, swearing and mucking about. We ignored them and they seemed to go quiet. I suddenly heard the distinctive squeaking of a spirit marker pen; I quietly moved around to the other side of the advertising hoarding that made up one end of the bus shelter and caught one of the Chavs red handed scrawling graffiti!

"YOU BOY!" (in my best cod public school master voice) "What are you doing?" The Chav, who was around 13, though small and under nourished for his age, looked round at me like a rabbit caught in a car's headlights. "Er, nuffink mate..." he eventually grunted. "I am not your mate - I am an adult and you should address me as such!" "Er, sorry mate." He then threw down the incriminating marker pen and looked at his friends, sniggering. Bearing in mind I am 6'3" and built proportionately, and he was around eight stone and five foot nothing, I loomed over him. "What you are doing is criminal damage - you should be arrested for it." I said, my face inches from his. "What is your name?" He mumbled and looked awkward. I asked again and he gave a name and a school. Once I had seen Mum off on the bus I went home and phoned the school - the secretary was very helpful and took the details I had been given. As I suspected, the name he gave was false, but the level of detailed description I was able to give was helpful. The school in question has a full time Police Constable attached to it (I was amazed to hear) and they have a "known suspects" book of mug shots of their worst offenders. I am now waiting for the PC to ring me to arrange to come round to see if I can identify the vandalising scumbag.

Well, it has been quite a while since I posted my original rant about mobile telephones.

The Times has featured an in depth analysis of the long term health effects of using mobile telephones, and for all you heavy users, things are not looking good - as I have been predicting for many years. You can read the first article here. And the second article here. They are referred to by Britain's top expert as "the cigarettes of the twenty first century". Which is precisely what I have been saying all along. As you may know, I am a technology buff and hold the highest grade of amateur radio licence - but there is no way would I ever own a mobile phone.

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  1. So Pewty get's to metaphorically kick Chav ass.
    Do you need surgery to remove the feeling of righousness or the grin?
    Just don't wear alittle bit of black cloth on your head when the Plod turn up with the Known Suspects book and pronace them ALL guilty!
    Nice to see you standing up an being counted, most people just ignore stuff like that then moan about "kids today" or build simmering resentment.
    We have problems sometimes with "kids" hanging around outside the shops and bus stop down the road. I was often asked to get booze & fags on an almost daily basis but after getting fed up of being polite and hearing rude or sarcky comments as I walked away I started to be more aggressive in my replies (which did get abit more of a positive reaction) and eventually as a social experiment I decided to talk/act down to their level and whenever they asked me I F'd and blinded abit, wore my pants above the top of my trousers, chewed gum, had a vacant expression etc and told them I didn't want them hanging around here and that they scared my kids (they hadn't but it's well known Chav's have a very strong sense of care towards children maybe cos they tend to have them when they're children, yeah Chav's love children almost as much as they love their American Pit Balls or Staff's and we know how THAT end's...#Ahem# anyway...) I got a MUCH stronger reaction, they almost reverted to Victorian waifs all Baseball cap doffing and "Sorry mate, no problem..." etc etc. Since then not been approached at all.

    "Bearing in mind I am 6'3" and built proportionately" - Proportionately to what?? A Silverback Gorilla? A Donkey? A 1975 Leyland Morris Marina?? Kylie Minogie?!

    You love mobiles don't you?
    I think your abit misguided about mobiles, entitled to your opinion OBVIOUSLY but alittle off target. I use mine as a camera, for texting, MP3 player, radio, read the news/surf the web(-ish) THEN wat down the list as a phone. It's a communication tool i.m.o.
    Mind you i could think that way cos the phone companies have been broadcasting the idea to me through a secret chip in my old phones for years....HAHA.
    What annoys me is people who HAVE to answer the phone in inappropriate situations or over-reacting cos the phone going and they can't answer it. The phone is a CONNIVANCE! And it's for MY connivance, if I want to answer it I will if I don't I wouldn't. Your driving, if the phone goes wait till you pull over!

    Click on my name for a DAMn funny cartoon.