Monday, May 07, 2007

Zen and the art of cycling.

The photo above shows the errant toenail that spontaneously fell off a couple of weeks ago. I kept hold of it to show Ian when he came round on Saturday evening. He took the picture to enable me to share this with the world. Just think - I do these things so that you don't have to.

I am in a bit of a huff right now. And it is all down to a phenomenon I have mentioned before. This time my blood is up though. I have, for the third time in just over a week been mown down by a cyclist on the pavement outside my house. Now don't get me wrong - I am all in favour of those who wish to gad about in a self propelled manner - I just wish they would do it in the proper place. In my book there is no excuse for any adult (and most children) to ride on the pavement. If they want to ride a bike, they should take their lives in their hands amongst the lorries and cars - and if they end up getting splatted by the traffic, then there is an element of Zen justice to it all. I would not mind, but there is a proper cycle lane on the other side of my road - it is away from the traffic - so why do the bunch of banana headed spods choose to use my pavement?

The BBC. Paid for by the UK licence fee. You would think they would be accountable to their fee paying public - but no, not a bit of it. They are pulling BBC 1's highest rated non soap drama programme and replacing it with The Eurovision Song Contest next Saturday evening. I have nothing at all against kitsch campery, but surely they could put it on BBC 2? Instead we have to wait two weeks until the next episode of Doctor Who. I for one am not happy.


  1. #Ahem!#
    Can I point out that Pewty ASKED me to take the picture at the end of the evening after quite abit o' beer and I'd only eaten half a bag of cinema popcorn all day PLUS he didn't tell me what it was till I was taking the sneckin' picture!

  2. As for your comments on bike riders, your road is ruddy busy!

    But you are right the pavement is very narrow on your side and adult or late teens riding on the pavement should automatically mean your allowed to try and bring them down by any means: piano wire at neck height, broom handle thru the spokes, gored with a length of rusty steel fence post, spraying BBQ lighter fluid over them then chucking a lit match or failing that just shooting them in the back as they go past.
    Don't get me started on people who stop in the middle the pavement with pushchairs though, their even worse!

    Oh the only reason they've pulled 'Who is cos apart from me and you (oh and Damien) every other 'Who fan over the age of 30 is seemingly gay and if they put a RTD written episode AND Eurovision on the same night the Gay-universe will implode and take out half the country (the bottom half obviously).
    Nuff said!

  3. I can indeed confirm that, as an over 30 Gay Dr Who fan, that indeed my handbag would explode if faced with the dilemma of Dr Who being scheduled against the ESC, however it was my understanding that all Dr. Who fans over 30 were in fact Gay so perhaps now is the time to come to terms with your sexuality. (LOL)

  4. "indeed my handbag would explode if faced with the dilemma of Dr Who being scheduled against the ESC" - BWHAHA!


    Ah now you see I am well know for being in touch wid me feminine side so to speak but as I'm 'appily hetro and as 'Who fan that makes me a minority!
    At last!
    Hey who knows maybe in 18 years or so I could be the NEW but Alt' universe RTD (lets not mention JNT) and take charge of 'Who!
    Imagine that an non-gay bloke being in charge of 'Who...
    Who'd a thunk it!

    Mind you I LOVE ESC and go to a mates ESC party every year where we have a shrine to Sir Terry and the obligitory drinking games (games like; someone scores a point, drink a shot; you find someone's accent amusing, drink a shot; someone try's to copy a classic ESC act, drink a shot; Someone mentions "My lovely Horse" from Father Ted, drink 2 shots; Terry says something, anything, drink a get the idea).

    As a side note I notice you live Plumstead Common way, i grew up round there (lived in Wickham Lane, went to infants school at Rockcliffe Manor and my Aunt & uncle live in the road off the common behind the Prince Albert), haven't been up there for YEARS and having a quick gander at your Blog brought back memories of my childhood and a smile to my face!

  5. Rev

    I admire your stamina, with so many countries taking part in ESC these days, and so many shots to consume, am suprised you make it to the end of the programme. I take it back you are definitely not gay, however given the amount of alcohol involved, you could possibly be a lesbian.
    Have fun on Saturday.

    You should come to the Make Merry on Plumstead Common Sat June 9th 12-5 it's always good fun