Sunday, September 30, 2007

Chatham in the rain.

I had a day off on Friday and went down to Chatham to see Shirley. The weather was atrocious; I think the best part of a months' rain fell in a day. We did some shopping and ended up in Nandos in Chatham Maritime. I love Nandos - I know it is only an up market fast food restaurant, but the food is well made, wholesome and tasty. It is also the only chain eatery that uses proper spices (as you would expect, I love their extra hot seasoning). Shirley of course had hot buttered sweetcorn - her favourite dish.

On my return home that evening, I was walking from Erith station and heading towards the Tunnel of Doom(tm) when when I heard voices ahead of me. Three teenaged Chavs were scrawling graffiti on the newly repainted battleship grey tunnel walls. I shouted at them and they took off like startled rabbits. They were too far ahead of me to intercept, and anyway, I was carrying my camera bag which I was keen to keep unharmed, as I have not yet got it, or its' contents insured. I did get a good look at one of the scrotes in particular - a spiky haired ginger Chav in a hoody. Taser bait if ever I saw it.

I now have a double CD broadcast quality recording of the Twickenham Genesis gig earlier this year; drop me a line if you would like a copy - thanks to Ian for this.

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  1. "..taser bait.." - LOL!
    You can thank Tim for buying the Genesis CD (its a direct from the mixing desk master). He's ripped it to MP3 then put it on his phone as he uses it as an MP3 player for his car and when I saw him the other day he Bluetoothed it over to my phone (that's 2 CD's worth sent by the "miracle" of Bluetooth dunno why but I found that quite amazing) and then I bunged it on CD.
    Bit different from the bootlegs of yesteryear that were fuzzy tape-recorder-under-the-armpit type things!

    Funny you should mention Nando's, we went there yesterday whilst at Bluewater.
    You know I'm abit devided about them to be honest. Yeah I agree they are an up market fast food resturant (love the fact their always super busy but the resturants around it are nearly always dead by comparison) and the serve has improved recently but overall I'm disapointed in the choice and size of the porsions. We usually get the whole chicken platter (meaning I'm stuck with Lemon & Herb spiciness 'cos of the kids) large chips, sweetcorn and 3 drinks and it £22 roughly which seems a lot and the chicken isn't quite enough (bearing in mind the kids are both under 4, they don't eat that much). Maybe I'm just being picky as the qualitys ok and I love their Wild Herb peri peri sauce but I always come away abit disapointed.
    Talking about sweetcorn it must be a woman thing cos the 3 women in my life LOVE and fight over the corn on the cob!