Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The changing faces of Erith.

Some photos of different aspects of life in and around Erith, all taken by me in the last week or so with my trusty Nikon D200 digital SLR camera. Click on any shot above for a larger version. You can also see my online photo album here.

I had an interesting encounter on my journey home from Dad visiting this evening. Erith shopping centre (see the photo above) was hosting members of the Erith Western Gateway Regeneration Team, who are based in the town, and who are looking into the upgrading and rebirth of the town that has been sadly neglected for so long. You can view their website here.

I had a very constructive and informative talk with a couple of staff from the team, who were extremely friendly and helpful, though they were a bit too politically correct to agree to my plan to offer Chav hunting trips using open topped buses and hunters equipped with sniper rifles. Oh well, maybe another time. Apparently the plans drawn up four years ago for the regeneration of Erith have been canned and some new developers are being brought in. We shall see what happens now. I did voice a number of complaints, primarily about the Tunnel of Doom (tm) and the horrendous fish sculpture on the roundabout above it. I also commented on the level of vandalism - using the story I blogged here as a prime example. I did say that I still liked the place and wanted to stay, hoping from some improvement - as per my posting here. Time no doubt will tell.

I am going to see progressive rock giants Rush at Wembley Arena in a couple of weeks; they are one of the few bands I have yet to see and I am really looking forward to the gig. Below is a very obscure video from 1982 courtesy of YouTube. It is of one of my favourite Rush tracks from their album Signals. It is about the very first Space Shuttle launch and is called Countdown. Please give it a try and see what you think - you can leave comments by clicking on the link below.


  1. Mate,

    The Rush link is fantastic - we are sat here having a massive 'retro' moment! Nearly as good as The Fox in the 80's.

    The photo's are great - the b/w stuff is really good. A good investment old chap - nice one.

    SW Commando